Global Cooling Project

Give a helping hand to protect environment for Future and generate Nature


Deforestation causes disruption in the ecological balance. It interferes not only with the lives of wildlife but our lives too. The water cycle is disturbed causing changes in the rainfall pattern over the entire region leading to droughts. There will be no trees to act as a buffer during floods. Soil erosion is another consequence of cutting down trees. Another massive change we experience as the outcome of deforestation is global warming.

“A country will not flourish without forest”

Department Of Forest & Wild Life

What We do

This global cooling project is about avenue and road side plantations. The goal is increasing the biodiversity in Pondicherry and contributes to water conservation. Raising forests will bring back some of the vitality our planet lost. By saving our planet, we save ourselves.

Why We do

A quarter of Indian coast is affected by erosion and rising sea level. This global cooling system phenomenon leads to the salinification of ground water. By consequence, farming lands are unworkable and drinkable water is becoming rare.

Because of the roots, trees prevent soil erosion and protect water. More, they provide oxygen, contribute to climate control. Avenue and road side plantation are contributed to the Green Belt plan of Puducherry government.

How we do

After carefully choosing the location in Pondicherry or its surroundings, volunteers plant the trees from Department of Forest & Wild Life of Puducherry. We protect the small crops with fences and thorns to let them grow up peacefully! Indeed, young plants are vulnerable to animals and vehicles. A volunteer is charged to take care of the future trees.

“We are very careful to plant only crops we can protect!”

  • Planting Trees
  • Educate Environmental Science
  • Deforestation
  • Cooling Global

Here Our Volunteer Who help us in this project to serve for our environment

How you can support us.

To support this project, you can sponsor a tree! The cost of protection of a crop is 200rps. You will receive the location of your tree and a certificate. It can be a beautiful present for birthday of people you love!

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