School Project

Give a helping hand to protect environment for Future and generate Nature

For Annapradokshana Charitable trust to take care of the Akira miyawaki forest area in India’s nature must be learn at the early stage of life. That is why Aran is going to be also in the schools of Pondicherry.

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In every schools of Pondicherry, 180 trees of 20 different species are going to be plant following the akira miyawaki technique in one school. But in every school in total, there are going to be 400 different species. For now, the project as being launch in the secondary schools in, Pondicherry.

How the students are going to be involved?

  • The older students of the schools are going to be responsible of the trees and provide them enough water.
  • In exchange of the services there are going to give some rewards that can help them to study.
  • The rewards of akira miyawaki in India are going to depends according to students need.
  • Encourage students and Motivate the social activities

How the Teachers are going to be involved?

  • The teachers are going to learn a method of agro forestry to the younger students how to take care of the plants.
  • And there are going to have also the possibility to obtain materials to improve the quality of their lessons.
  • Educate about environmental Science.