National Highway Pondicherry Tindivanam Tollway Limited Project

Give a helping hand to protect environment for Future and generate Nature

This is a side road plantation on the Pondicherry - Tindivanam Highway
What we are do?

Annapradokshana charitable trust is a non – profit organization that envisions the transformation of our environment by creating one forest at a time. Forests are the most efficient ecosystem found in nature that, not only influence the plant and animals but also the abiotic elements like air, rainfall, temperature, etc. There are many factors that make it happen, however, one major concern is deforestation

Why we are do?

Climate change and deforestation affects all of us. Carbon emission is one of the responsible. Planting trees is a solution to reduce and capture carbon in harmony with the nature.

There is a lot of spill over effects: forests provide oxygen, food, and they are climate controller. Moreover, the roots prevent soil erosion and ensure soil fertility. It is also a way to rebuild shelter for birds, insects and animals destroying by human activities. Global cooling action plan improving the tree cover of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu should be a priority to avoid hard climate change shocks.

How we are do?

After global cooling and warming government authorization, volunteers dug holes all long the road. Then, farmers living near villages have been employed to plant the crops. They also protected them: we pay attention to protection of the trees which are very vulnerable. We protect the small crops with fences and thorns to let them grow up.

Here some photos to prove it!

For 3 years, by the global cooling benefits trees are still growing all along the road. This result is very encouraging! We can observe specially that trees closed to another forest or trees areas are in really good shape. Unfortunately, floods had damaged a part of the plantation. In some areas, trees are growing slower: it may be a consequence of the rain which drive pollution and oil from the road. In few years, this part of the road is going to be greener, full of life and more beautiful than before!

Currently, the project is stopped because of the lack of fund.
Do you want to join in our efforts to make our world better? or To support us, you can make a donation in our online crowd funding.